Since WAA will soon be promoting our restaurant consulting services, we thought it’s timely to write about how an increasing number of fast food chains have fallen short on providing a positive experience for their customers. 
Aside from the famous fast food chain Chick-Fil-A, customers who visit many other chains witness long wait times, cold food, wrong orders, lack of proper etiquette, and being served food that has sit out a while. These occurrences contribute to the steep decline in customer satisfaction in the fast food industry. 
There are multiple reasons for the decline in customer satisfaction. However, one of the main causes is training, or the lack thereof. Training should be considered an ongoing process, not just an 8 hour span where, after the training, the employee is on his/her own. Training involves ongoing efforts where company culture, values, and mission are instilled in each employee. The difficulty with this is that many new employees at a fast food restaurant are not there to start a career. In fact, many start their first job at a fast food restaurant to earn spending money. The challenge is not only retaining such employees but convincing them that they can have a successful career, such as eventually managing their own restaurant. Many employees already know this job is only temporary until a future date, such as when they graduate college or when another job opportunity comes along. 
There are best practices that management can use to maximize the potential of all new and existing employees. It is clear that these best practices are not being instilled on employees of many fast food restaurants we currently visit.  Not only are such restaurants losing customers but they are also receiving negative publicity in the news. One does not have to search far to find an article about a struggling fast-food chain. 
We cannot stress enough the importance of great management and training at fast food restaurants. Management needs to always be aware of all issues at their restaurant and be ready to fix them as soon as possible. Coupled with sufficient employee training, both management and employees need to create a culture that will make a fast food restaurant successful. 
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Not So Fast…..Food!

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