Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

As with all new startups, entrepreneurs work hard to bring their visions to life. Starting with a new idea, their entry into a growing and profitable market depends on the initial steps taken which will help see their plans come to fruition.

In looking to reach that next stage of growth, it is difficult to keep managing it all. That’s where Winter Accounting & Advising LLC can help by saving many costly hours while assisting with their bookkeeping, financial reports, and taxes. We give them their time and energy to focus on growing their new business.

Oftentimes, the excitement that comes with a startup company can also bring confusion.  We assist in the organization and planning needed to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with a new business.

Some of our start-up and entrepreneurial services are:

  • Organization of structure
  • Identifying funding options
  • Outlining the path to market
  • Financial / breakeven analysis
  • Establishing best hiring practices
  • Writing and reviewing of contracts
  • Inventory management

The setup of correct and proper accounting practices early on in the start-up can have a direct effect on their business’ success. It can make or break a company due to all of the demands related to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Start up Packages